Who We Are

Simpliix .C.B. a management system assessment (Certification, Compliance, Internal, Second Party) service provider, We aim to provide our customers with the highest quality of services through employing our professional experience and highly qualified assessors. The mixture of deep management system knowledge and capabilities, which provide outstanding customer services, puts Simpliix on the right track to being a leading management system assessment service provider. Simpliix brings as one, Full range of knowledge, practical experience, professionalism, market-leading standards, and certifications to give a hand to our customers to meet their business goals. We pay attention and have the courage to discuss diverse points of view – based on facts, industry standards, and best practices.

Our Vision

Simpliix assesses organizations fulfillment and compliance with internationally recognized management system standards, industry best practices, and regulatory requirements. Simpliix adopts a clear simple, and professional assessment approach, to ensure proper understanding and ease of implementation of the standards thus leading to the fulfillment of the requirements. Simpliix is founded based on people with energy, enthusiasm, integrity, respect, strong relationships, and trust, where all employees contribute to the company's success. By focusing on our principles and obligation to excellence, By focusing on our principles obligation to excellence, We always do every effort to deliver the best services to our customers in the most Efficient, Effective, and Simplest ways. Excellence Made Simple.


Simpliix Academy offer the following Trainings through its internal highly skilled resources and/or through its international specialized partners:


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